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Mears Sand and Gravel was opened in 1975 by H.G. Mears.  Herbert Mears had been associated with the sand and gravel industry since 1960.  He at one time co-owned Rebel Sand and Gravel (1965) and Mears Fabricating (1966), where he built dredge and dredge components for a few producers.  He opend Sand Products Inc. in 1972 where he sold the first bagged concrete products in the Baton Rouge area known as Easy Crete, along with filter media and blasting sand.

In 1985, Ray Mears bought the business from his father.  Ray, along with the help and support of his wife Linda, took the business and continued on with his fathers' hard work and "get it done" ethics and attitude.  He updated and added to much of the processing equipment along with portable generating units to make setup and moving easier and less costly.  Ray also secured more reserves to solidify Mears Sand and Gravel LLC's future.

In 2003, Craig Mears followed in Ray's footsteps by taking over the business and allowing his father much deserved and earned retirement.  Craig has also updated and added another dredge to increase production.  He continues on with making sure the mineral reserves are utilized to the fullest by producing "tons per acre" instead of "tons per hour."


40 Mears Road
Denham Springs, LA 70706
(225)665-1853 Fax

M-F (3:30 AM - 4:00 PM)
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